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For used car export

 Japan Carrier

Japan Carrier is a full logistics provider in the used car industry supporting its customers with solutions to their car business including Japanese car auction purchase, transportation, inspection, customs clearance, shipping and international parcel at an affordable price.

Make your used car business easier!

We make starting a car business easy and efficient.

If you're wondering how to manage a car business in Japan, it may be easier than you think with our logistic service.You can just focus on the sales with your customers and leave any stuffs to us after you purchase a car.

Cheap Logistic

Japan Carrier offers the cheapest logistic rate and services from car auction houses to any ports in Japan.

rikuso 陸送 中古車

Cheap land transportation

We provide an overland transportation service for vehicles sold at car auctions nationwide to adjacent yards at a vendor's rate.

船積み Booking Vanning 中古車 used

Shipping service

Offering the cheapest way to ship a vehicle by RO-RO or container from Japan to all over the world.

Inspection 検査 中古車

Export inspection agency

Noda Yard (4 minutes drive from USS Tokyo) is equipped with EAA inspection facilities. We can handle vehicle repairs as well before-after export inspection.

国際宅急便 DHL 中古車 used car

Deregister a Vehicle

Supporting to cancel the resgiatration for your purchased vehicle to export. No need to go to the District Land Transport Bureau and no hassle for documents.

乙仲 Otunaka 中古車

Otsunaka Customs Clearance

Customs clearance at port yards nationwide is also available. (Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Fukuoka, Kyushu, etc.) We can handle RORO and containers.

書類 Document 中古車 used car

Cheap Courier Service

We can continue to support you with our cheap Courier Service (DHL and others) for your documents after shipping a vehicle.

Our unique solution.

We respond to the individual needs of our customers and propose solutions that are more beneficial to their business.

Best value at a low price.

We offer a variety of services at vendor prices. >


Support in Japanese and English

Our staff, skilled in used car export business, will support you. >


JCA Member
For those who are interested in the used car business.

If you become a JCA member, you can purchase and use land transportation services at vendor prices. Our used car export business consultants are also available to provide seminars on all aspects of the used car industry for those who are thinking of starting a new business.


If you are interested in side hustle and entrepreneurship
Attend a seminar!

About JCA membership, which provides used car auction services and land transportation services.

Auto auction sites nationwide at auto auction sites nationwide.

whole country

​120+ venues

We are able to purchase vehicles from over 120 used car auction sites nationwide.


From the auction site to the location of your choice

Anywhere in the country

​vendor price

Used car transportation is available at vendor prices after winning a bid at an auction.


Free of charge!

First year annual fee

Initial annual fee


There is no admission fee and no annual fee for the first year. There are no renewal fees.


Start your business risk-free

No membership fee, no annual fee for the first year


The Used Car Export Seminar has been offered as a service for entrepreneurs.
However, it is difficult for us to continue to provide this service on a stable basis, and we have decided to temporarily discontinue the service in light of usage conditions.
We hope that you will continue to patronize our service when it is resumed.

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