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Customs clearance and export office work for used cars

​We provide the optimum transportation plan for used cars based on customs clearance and export records in more than 100 countries. RORO ships and container ships are also supported.

Become your best partner as an NVOCC.


Procedures for Exporting

We can advise you on booking the most suitable vessel, handling pre-export inspections, preparing declaration documents, etc.


​customs clearance

We support prompt customs clearance by providing our customers with accurate advice on various conditions that must be cleared for import and export.


Used car shipping

We support prompt customs clearance by providing our customers with accurate advice on various conditions that must be cleared for import and export.


B / L handing over

We will be responsible for delivering the B/L to your company.

Oceangoing cargo marine insurance


​Ocean cargo venue insurance

Ocean freight venue insurance is essential insurance for companies engaged in international trade. Please consider it.

For those who are interested in exporting used cars to Malaysia

Introducing Malaysian corporate customers who are interested in importing used cars from Japan

(Vehicles that are said to be reconverted cars within 13 to 60 months are eligible)

| poseJapanese cars in Laciapopular

Malaysia is a pro-Japanese country, and Japanese cars are overwhelmingly recommended for cars as an important means of commuting and living for the people.


In the year before last, the number of used cars exported from Japan was the highest in the past 10 years, partly due to the recoil from the coronavirus pandemic. (37,265 units)

Malaysia is a resource-rich country, and the domestic economy remains strong, partly due to the impact of the world's high crude oil prices. Second-hand cars are becoming more popular due to delays in the delivery of new cars due to shortages of semiconductors. It's the cause.

Currently, there is a temporary surge in demand, but since the country has a deep-rooted popularity for Japanese cars, we expect the market to remain stable even if the boom slows down. The point of concern is that since the PEKEMA system is part of the Bumiputra policy, which is a preferential policy for Malays, depending on the political situation in the future, depending on the treatment of AP (Approval Permit), which is only permitted to be issued to Malays, Market trends may change, but similar discussions have been held many times in the past, but so far there have been no major changes.

| What is the Malaysian market?
マレーシアマーケット 中古車

The players who can do business are limited depending on the car model and car history.

Vehicles that can be exported from Japan are only vehicles that have been registered for more than 13 months and less than 60 months since the first year of registration. (Over 35 years, exporter's license is not required)

Popular vehicles include high-grade Vellfire, Alphard, Estima, and VOXY wagons that cannot be purchased in Malaysia and can be ridden by a large family, as well as some foreign vehicles. It overlaps with popular cars.

| What local company would you like to introduce?

The company is currently operating a used car dealer locally, and is looking for a Japanese partner (used car export company, domestic used car dealer) to export used cars from Japan. (It is a Malaysian independent company with no capital accounting etc. with our company.)

At least as far as we know, the company has not had any major problems in the past, but we will not be involved in any transaction conditions, company background, credit decisions, or negotiations, so please consider trading at your own discretion. In addition, we will not respond to troubles, negotiations, etc. after the transaction.

| Needs of Malaysian dealers

In Malaysia, there are two main types of used car dealers that sell reconciled cars.

(1) A Malay dealer who imports vehicles with his own AP as a PEKEMA member and sells them at his own showroom.

(2) Mainly Chinese dealers who borrow APs from PEKEMA members, import them, and sell them in their own showrooms.


In the reconciled car market, the end-user customers are mainly wealthy Chinese Malaysians called overseas Chinese, so Chinese dealers have a sales advantage compared to Malay dealers. Among ①, there are many PEKEMA members who are running a business just selling APs rather than selling their own cars, but they are not eligible to sell used cars from Japan.

The main popular recon car models are high-spec grade high-priced vehicles that are not sold locally. It is difficult to procure and sell all the vehicles. As a result, the importer also deals with multiple exporters, and if there is a vehicle that meets the needs of the company, the importer will purchase it, so it will not be a monopoly transaction between the exporter and the importer. Rare. As an importer on the Malaysian side, there is a need to actively consider transactions with a reliable company that sells vehicles that meet our needs from the perspective of stabilizing purchases.

| Leave all export support after transaction negotiations to us.

Originally, when exporting used cars to Malaysia, the exporter must be a registered member of PEKEMA.

However, as a PEKEMA member of our company, we will act as an agent for the export, so you can rest assured that the local side will be able to trade with peace of mind.

Also, even if you don't have export experience, we are a logistic company specializing in used cars. Please be assured that we can provide support for land transportation, customs clearance, and shipping on your behalf.

| exportProviding an escrow service that eliminates the concerns of investors about settlement of accounts

A common example of a first-time transaction is that the Malaysian importer feels that it is risky to pay the exporter a deposit first, so the transaction does not start easily. This is because the importer paid the deposit first and waited for the car to be sent, but the car was not exported according to the originally announced schedule, or the car was different from the negotiated car. This is a case where the importer is worried about getting involved in fraudulent troubles such as the arrival of the vehicle. On the other hand, there is also the situation that the exporter cannot export the car to the importer who does not pay the deposit.

In order to solve these problems for exporters and importers, Japan Carrier will temporarily hold the funds sent from the importer until the car is completely exported under a contract called escrow service from a neutral standpoint. We offer our services at low prices.

| About the cost

When introducing a customer in Malaysia, we will charge a commission for each introduction regardless of whether the business negotiation is closed.

In addition, after the business negotiations are closed, we will separately invoice the export costs. Please contact us for details.

| What kind of company is best suited for doing business with Malaysia?

・A used car export company that is already engaged in the export of used cars, but has not yet done business with Malaysia.An export company that is interested in exporting to Malaysia but has not been able to become a member of PEKEMA and has not had the opportunity to export so far.

⇒ For a company that has been in the used car export business, it will only increase the export market, so businessExpand your chances.

・A used car dealer that sells popular models in Malaysia for the domestic market.

⇒ You can easily start a new business because you can increase the number of sales destinations without having to separately purchase inventory.

For those who are interested in exporting used cars to Bangladesh

JAAI inspection for vehicles destined for Bangladesh will start from April 1, 2023.

Before exporting to Bangladesh, it is necessary to request an export inspection from the Japan Automobile Appraisal Association (JAAI), obtain a certificate (including vehicle age, model number, and body number), and write it on the B/L.

(Local Import Regulations and Points to Consider for Used Cars: Exports to Bangladesh)

Please contact us.




You can check the shipping schedule on our website.

[Reference] Used car export information site "PLANET CARS"

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