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Purchase of vehicles by AABID

Our auction bid order acceptance system supports 120 venues nationwide. It is also cheaper than other companies. If you are looking for a way to reduce your costs and increase your suppliers, please use our system.

Using the system

You can bid on listings nationwide.

You can bid on vehicles on display nationwide through the AABID system.


Our auction agent system allows you to request bids from us via the Internet from anywhere in Japan using AABID.
By providing our system, you can indirectly participate in auctions at more than 120 venues nationwide at a lower commission rate than other companies.
You can also check the results of the auction and invoices from AABID, so please consider it.

Signing a Contract

Flow of using AABID.

An ID and password will be issued at the time of contract. If you have the issued ID and password, you can use JCPACK's AABID.

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Send ID

System usage fee and auction agency fee.

There are no admission fees or system usage fees. In addition, our bidding agent fees at used car auction sites nationwide are about 4,000 yen lower than those of other companies.

Admission fee

0 yen

 membership fee

0 yen

Successful bid fee


Bid fee

 100 yen~

List of supported venues

Our AABID supports more than 120 auto auction venues nationwide.


We also support the USS Group. Please contact the person in charge for details.

Become a JCA member and participate in auto auctions nationwide!

This service is available for JCA members. It is a highly recommended service with competitive vendor pricing.

In addition, our used car export business consultants will provide seminars to those who are just starting out in the business to share all their knowledge of the used car industry.
We will enthusiastically support your business.

We have been providing used car export seminars as a service for entrepreneurs.
It will be difficult to provide a stable service in the future, so we will temporarily suspend the service in consideration of the usage situation.

​We appreciate your continued patronage when the service resumes.

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