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Company Information

Company profile

Challenge to create new business value in the used car industry with a “Creating New Value for Customers” strategy

We aim to be a company that flexibly responds to changes in the world and enriches society together with our customers.

Corporate information


Company name


Date of establishment

Head office location

Japan Carrier Co., Ltd.

(English company name) Japan carrier Co., Ltd.

Date of establishment November 2003

Business contents Used car auction bidding agency, land transportation agency, erasure office work agency, export office work agency,Used car auction listing agency

Headquarters location TK Monzen Nakamachi Building 7F, 1-2-13 Etchujima, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0044



Representative Director, President and Executive Officer Masayuki Fujiwara

Capital 30 million yen (including capital reserve)


Phone number                03-5875-9239


FAX number                    03-5875-9277

Nearest station

・ Tozai Line "Monzen-nakacho Station" (5-minute walk from Exit 4)


・ Toei Oedo Line "Monzen-nakacho Station" (5-minute walk from Exit 4)


・ JR Line / Keiyo Line "Etchujima Station" (4 minutes walk from Exit 1)


japan_carrier 門前仲町 日本 Japan 東京 Tokyo
越中島駅 門前仲町駅

Noda Yard




2389-7 Funakata, Noda City, Chiba Prefecture 270-0233

・ Approximately 4 minutes by car from USS Tokyo

千葉県 野田ヤード 日本 Japan Inspection MAP


Phone number                080-2133-0886


FAX number                    047-136-7525

Corporate Philosophy

With "Mission Vision Value", we will seriously face the business.


Ⅰ We are committed to customer satisfaction.

We are trying to develop services from the customer's perspective. Anyway, we have repeated PDCA under such spirits, trying whatever has customer needs. We strive to improve service quality every day in order to constantly provide new value to our customers.


Ⅱ Vision

  1. We aim to be a professional group that responds quickly to change, is passionate, and continues to innovate.

  2. We are time conscious, use our knowledge correctly, and continue to make daily improvements and strive to be more productive without being content with the current process.

  3. We are conscious of positioning and aim to be number one in the business field where we can maintain our superiority.

  4. We will create an environment where employees who share the same vision can continue working for a long time.

  5. We will balance the development of the company with the happiness of our customers, business partners, and employees.


Ⅲ Value

  1. Awareness of all employees

  2. Field principle

  3. Pursuing 100% quality provision

  4. Thorough

  5. Low cost management and ROA orientation

  6. Speed, schedule management, efficiency

  7. Strengthen the individual, strengthen the team

  8. Think for yourself, continue to challenge, and stick to the results

  9. Thorough spinach

  10. Team spirit

  11. Respect all differences and actively communicate

Display based on the antique business law

Secondhand dealer permit number

Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission 307712004504

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