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 Export Support Services

Are you looking to streamline your vehicle sourcing and exporting operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately expand your vehicle business with facilities in the Kanto region? 

Offering an unparalleled range of services tailored specifically for vehicle dealers just like you, Japan Carrier, located in Noda City, Chiba with our expansive 400+ vehicle mechanical facility is just 1.5 kilometers away from USS Tokyo, positioning us perfectly to serve your logistical needs!

Why choose Japan Carrier?

At Japan Carrier, we understand the complexities involved in the vehicle sourcing/export process. We are there to assist vehicle exporters export their cars from the Tokyo region in a timely and cost effective manner.


Our JC Pack services are designed to simplify your operations, providing you with a comprehensive service package that addresses all your logistical and technical needs. We are close to USS Tokyo for your easy export needs.



Mechanic Facilities

Japan Carrier has a fully-equipped mechanical facility located close to USS Tokyo, 4 minutes away from the USS Tokyo auction site. This facility boasts a team of Japanese certified master mechanics, ensuring top-level expertise in vehicle servicing and repair.

As vehicle exporters, utilizing this facility allows for quick and efficient preparation of vehicles after auction purchase at USS Tokyo, enhancing efficiency. The close proximity and high qualification of Japan Carrier mechanics provide a strategic advantage in meeting international export quality requirements.
Leveraging our services can significantly streamline your export processes and improve the reliability of the vehicles you ship overseas!

コンテナ 輸出

Container Shipping

Japan Carrier's facility, conveniently located nearby USS Tokyo, is fully equipped for your container shipments. This facility can handle the loading of multi-car containers, auto parts, and much more including custom cargo, facilitating a wide range of shipping needs. Japan Carrier container shipping can help!


With this service, we can efficiently prepare and consolidate shipments, providing simple logistics and reduced shipping costs for Exporters. Our strategic location and logistical proficiency make us a valuable partner for exporters seeking to streamline their shipping processes.


​Custom Orders

At Japan Carrier, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and dedication to meeting any special request our customers might have.


Our services extend beyond standard logistics and include a wide range of customizable options such as vehicle modifications, full body paint jobs, and specific shipping accommodations.


Export Inspection Services


Japan Carrier's team, located near the USS Tokyo auction site, holds full qualifications to perform EAA Inspections on export vehicles. This certification allows them to ensure that vehicles meet the stringent compliance standards required for international exports.


We also conduct JAII inspections!

Utilizing our expertise, vehicle exporters can streamline the process of meeting global regulatory requirements. This service provides exporters a significant advantage in ensuring that their vehicles are ready and compliant for international markets.

中古車 輸出

Land transportation

Japan Carrier's central location in the Kanto area enables quick and efficient transportation of vehicles from USS Tokyo and other auctions to major port facilities across Japan, including Yokohama, Kawasaki, Nagoya, Osaka, and others. By using our inland transporter (陸送) network, we manage the swift movement of vehicles, providing quick car transportation in Noda for both exporters and domestic dealers.


Japan Carrier's services streamline the transfer of vehicles from auction to port, providing a critical advantage in the competitive vehicle export and domestic distribution market. 


We offer a geographic advantage

Are you looking to streamline your vehicle procurement and export operations, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately expand your vehicle business in the Kanto region?

Located in Noda, Chiba Prefecture, Japan Carriers offers services designed specifically for vehicle dealers like you. We have a maintenance facility for over 400 vehicles and are located just 1.5 kilometers from USS Tokyo, making us the perfect fit for your logistics needs!

USS TOKYO 近く near


Use our knowledge

At Japan Carriers, we understand the complexities involved in the vehicle procurement, in- and export process.
Our JC Pack Services are designed to simplify your operations and provide you with a comprehensive service package to handle all your logistical and technical needs.

We purchase vehicles from Japan's largest auction venue, bring them to our yard immediately, and begin preparations for export.

輸出 Ship 車
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