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Land Transport

For used car land transportation
​ Japan Carrier

Japan Carrier can streamline the transportation, transportation and land transportation process of used cars, reduce risk and offer cheaper rate plans.

Why JC recommends hauling and land transportation for used car export.
Here are some reasons why we recommend JC's land transportation service.

​We would like to introduce the merits of transportation, transportation, and land transportation using our Japan Carrier.

Tow Truck

Low transportation and transportation costs for used car exports

Japan carrier's used car land transportation is the lowest level in Japan

If you want to keep costs down even a little, please consider Japan Career.

Transport and transport used cars cheaply and efficiently to the nearest port

  • If you use the JCPACK export agency service, you can use the JCPACK export agency service for land transportation to the AA venue (excluding some) ⇒ Noda Yard ⇒ port (customs clearance).

  • Kansai is for Kobe Port or Osaka Port.

  • Kyushu is for Hakata Port and Shinmoji Port.


Consistent service

We can provide a set of used car export process from purchasing ⇒ land transportation ⇒ inspection / maintenance ⇒ preparation of export documents ⇒ customs clearance ⇒ shipping at a lower cost.

We carry any used car export vehicle

​Immovable vehicles such as current accident vehicles


Self-propelled vehicles such as large trucks and buses

  Special vehicles such as forklifts and generators

Please feel free to contact us for other vehicles.

Used car export land transportation / transportation / transportation costs

JC is confident that it can post price lists that are not normally posted by other companies.

In addition, we will also offer a more reasonable price plan to the customers who contact us.

​Land transportation charge table


The following charges are approximate for the main routes and may be cheaper than this.

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