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If you are considering a used car auction agency / used car export business, become a JCA member! !!


JCA members can make the used car business more accessible

Indispensable in the used car business

Vehicle vendor price purchase

Trader price land transportation

Vehicles can be purchased at vendor prices from over 120 venues nationwide

Japan Carrier Auction member (Advantages of JCA members)


We can purchase vehicles from auction sites nationwide at vendor rates.


No sign-up fee and no monthly membership fee, so you can start with less risk.


Land transportation fee after vehicle purchase is available at member price.

The appeal of the used car auction business for JCA members


No inventory risk as we do not hold inventory and only respond to customer orders.


Start your business with just a computer and a phone.


You can start by buying your own car or a car for a family member, relative or friend.


You can do business at home regardless of your location.

The key to business success is to focus on results (i.e. sales) while controlling business risks without taking too much time.

It's risky to pay high membership fees or monthly dues before you start your business!

Benefits of JCA membership

Marble Surface

Admission fee / first year membership fee



In addition, you can get support from JC Headquarters for the complicated and accurate export work.
If you are inexperienced and would like to attend a seminar to acquire know-how, you can attend a paid seminar (domestic auction business/used car export business course: seminar fee from 100,000 yen).
In particular, used car export involves a number of process costs, including vehicle purchase, land transportation, inspection, brokerage, and shipping costs, but these costs are set at a discount compared to industry standards, so you can use our service with peace of mind.

Course A: [Used car auction business for domestic use]: 2 to 3 hours (including Q&A)

  • Auction Business Model

  • Features of each auction site

  • What you need to understand before purchasing at an auction site

  • Find out the market price of the vehicles.

  • Understand the product (vehicle).

  • Understand the bill of sale correctly.

  • Domestic registration procedures

  • Handling inquiries about domestic sales

  • Understanding vehicle taxes

  • Others

Course B: [Used car export business]: 2-3 hours (including Q&A)

  • Considering the Used Car Export Market

  • Major Ports for RO-RO Vessels

  • Export Procedures

  • Japanese Ports and Ships Calling

  • Export Inspection Companies and Country Specific Rules

  • Necessary trade knowledge when exporting used cars

  • Making an invoice to overseas buyers

  • Payment methods and the advantages and disadvantages of each

  • Export paperwork

  • Used car business model

  • How to conduct overseas sales

  • About JUMVEA (Used Vehicle Exporters Association)

  • Regulations in major exporting countries, popular car models

  • Others

Features of Japan Carrier

18 years

Industry performance

(Established in 2003)

 Purchasing from over 120 venues

Possible land transportation costs are also member price available suppliers from Kaoku Deployment nationwide

To over 100 countries

Export record of over 150,000 units

All support

Separate know-how provided to those who are interested in used car export

License, etc.

  • First-class freight transportation business registration

  • Member of the International Fretwarders Association (JIFFA) (NVOCC)

  • Warehouse business registration (Noda Yard)

  • Designated by EAA Inspection Center (Noda Yard)

  • Secondhand dealer license 307712004504

Seminar venue

1-2-13 Etchujima, Koto-ku, Tokyo
TK Monzen Nakamachi Building 7th Floor Japan Carrier Co., Ltd.

(nearest station)
・ 5 minutes walk from Monzen-nakacho Station on the Toei Subway / Oedo Line ・ 3 minutes walk from Etchujima Station on the JR Keiyo Line

セミナー会場 中古車ビジネス


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